shore to shore  

Missions at SSCC takes place in partnership with Shore to Shore Mission Network (SSMN), a nonprofit organization founded by John Littlefield. John is the coordinator and has been one of the team leaders on all past mission trips in developing countries.

SSMN was established to meet the broader needs of the developing community. Expanding beyond a medical focus, we desire to create sustainable change in a community by incorporating such things as water management, public health, microfinance, education and spiritual direction. By partnering with local leaders, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and the people in our own community, SSMN aims to develop a network of volunteers, supporters and skilled professionals whose goal is to address the underlying causes of poverty in a developing community.

We are excited to have developed a partnership in the city of Saint Louis, Senegal. Community development efforts will focus on the poorest neighborhood where a handful of local Senegal nationals have begun a small medical clinic and a job training program.

This is a tremendous opportunity for us to participate in bringing practical solutions and hope to a population that is caught in a cycle of poverty and despair.

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