revive ministry


The mission of the Revive Ministry is to release heaven on earth through faithful journey, pursuit and encounter with God.  

All our teams have undergone an interview and training process. If you are interested in participating or feel a call to the ministry team, please contact the office:

The prayer ministry lives out this mission through the following ministry areas:


Weekly ministry focus 

Each week a ministry focus is selected based on the leading of the Holy Spirit. The team intercedes throughout the week for those struggling. This focus is highlighted on social media to encourage outreach. We gather to pray for those in need on Sunday mornings.


Every Sunday, the prayer team faithfully comes forward to pray for those who need prayer.  Whether you are seeking physical healing, emotional healing, or direction from God, our team is available for those who need of a touch from God. Please feel welcome to come forward for prayer.

Worship and Ministry Nights 

The ministry team partners seasonally with the worship team for a night of freedom in worship, healing, and prophetic intercession. 

"cOME AS YOU ARE" Addiction Support Group

The addiction support group meets every Monday evening at 7pm at the church office. This group focuses on accessing the restoring presence of God to bring healing to the roots of addiction within the soul, and renew the mind with scripture based on our idenity in Christ. 

Steps to free a soul 

Steps to a Free Soul is a 6-week experience to help you find the healing and freedom that Jesus offers. This is a comprehensive process based on Neil T. Anderson's Steps to Freedom and Dr. Rob Reimer's Soul Care teachings. We'll discuss intimacy with God, forgiveness, healing painful memories, overcoming lies, sin and anything that keeps you in bondage. Classes will be announced quarterly. You can contact the church office for more information. 


The IPT meets regularly to listen for and pray into reality God’s direction for our church community. 

24 HOUR Intercession

Quarterly, the prayer ministry comes together to worship and pray continuously for renewal within and beyond the church body. Look for announcements on Sunday mornings about the next 24-hour prayer session. You can sign up for a block of time to participate.