DATES: “We’re coming. visa is good to go, flights are booked. We arrive late Thursday January 17th. We will be in church Sunday January 20th and are really looking forward to seeing everyone”. Adam starts in role week beginning Monday the 21st.

HOME: “The search for housing has been a long and winding road. After much exploration, we have signed for a small 2-bedroom apartment at the Ames Shovel Apartments in Easton. This is a temporary solution as we search for a more permanent home in the New Year.

THANK YOU! “As many of you are aware, we are embarking on a big step. Leaving home, belongings, and family is not easy. However, the support and welcome we have received has been incredible, thank you. Thank you for the kind messages and generosity displayed through the registry list”.

“We look forward to joining you soon!”

Adam, Sarah, Eden and Esther

WE WOULD LIKE TO bless the clewers with a “RELOCATION REGISTRY”!

wHEN Adam and Sarah WERE HERE IN dECEMBER, we asked them to REGISTER AT tARGET to furnish their new home. (the cost of moving their household items and furniture is prohibited). if you would like to help adam and his family, you can do so on-line HERE or in the store. oNCE YOU ARE ON THE WEBSITE CLICK registry list>FOR THE FIRST NAME TYPE “sOUTH SHORE”, LAST NAME TYPE “COMMUNITY CHURCH”>wedding (this was the only option to register) please CHECK: “shipping TO SOUTH SHORE & SOUTH SHORES ADDRESS”, which is the church office. There is an option to give a gift card with on-line shopping!

If you choose to buy in the store, please bring all packages to the church offices (100 Laurel St. East Bridgewater, ma 02333). We will store all gifts here until the Clewers return in January. If you decide to purchase at a different store, please go into the target registry and check off that the item has been purchased. iF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS PLEASE CONTACT tARA AT THE CHURCH OFFICE AT 508-583-5976. Thank you so much for your generosity and love!


  • Adam finally has his Visa! Yah God!

  • The packing has begun! It is never an easy task to dismantle a home and decide which possessions will go with you and which ones to give away. Their belongings will be coming to New England in a shipping container.

  • Their Border Collie, Bill has been with their girls since they were born so they would like Bill to be part of their landing party. The challenge will be to find a place that will take dogs.

  • They would still like to make East Bridgewater or West Bridgewater their home base so please pray that a rental will become available when they visit at the end of the month.

  • The tentative plan is to arrive sometime in January. An exact date has still not been set.

Adam and Sarah will be visiting from Nov. 27 - Dec. 2 to look for housing. If you know of an available apartment or condo in either West Bridgewater or East Bridgewater, please email the church office. Adam will be preaching on December 2.

Please pray for their housing search as well as their transition out of life and ministry in Southhampton. Even though they are excited about the future, it is hard to say goodbye to the people you love and have journeyed with for a very long time.


NEWS FROM THE CLEWERS:  With the real estate market in the UK being in flux due to the upcoming Brexit, Adam and Sarah have made the decision to rent their home to a single mother with two children.  They are happy this family will be able to make a home “in their home”!

  • “We are really sensing God’s leading. We keep receiving words/pictures from people-some of whom don’t know what we’re processing. So encouraging. God is on the case!”

    “We have heard back from the U.S. Embassy….Everything is in order and all the paperwork has/is falling into place. In short, we’re coming your way!”

    “My passport is back. With this in mind, and thinking about maintaining the connection, we will be coming to visit the end of November.”

    The church is trying to help Adam and Sarah find housing. We are looking for an apartment or condo (with at least two bedrooms) to rent in either West Bridgewater or East Bridgewater. (they also have a dog) If anyone is aware of something out there please email or call the church office. Thank you!

    “It was great to be with you over the weekend of September 30th. Once again, the warm welcome and tangible sense of God on the move is so very encouraging. I was especially encouraged to hear of people’s enthusiasm in prayer and worship – both at the worship evening on Friday night and people’s desire to pray for us personally. Again, thank you!”


Congregational Prayer Guide

  1. Housing: Over the last few months, we have been praying, visiting and connecting with various people across the region. What an incredible area with so many beautiful towns and people. Given the magnitude of our move, and a desire to give extra special consideration to schools, we have followed in the example of Joshua and Caleb in the Old Testament and have ‘scouted out the land’. The good news is we have come back with a good report. We feel encouraged and look forward to making home among you.

  2. Please pray for favor (I spelled that the U.S. way!) in regard to finding the right property. Also, the financial arrangements with the restrictions we have in regard to mortgage etc. We are believing for God to make a way. He has so far, so why won’t He again!

  3. Transitioning: This is big. Please pray for us in this transition - the girls especially as they prepare to say goodbye to their friends.

  4. Space/peace to hear God: Throughout this process we have prioritized seeking God and listening for His voice. It’s made such a big difference. We feel peace and purpose, hence how we have managed to navigate such large decisions with a remarkable peace. Please pray that this continues. 

“Friends, As I said when I spoke on the 30th, this move is not about a career - but a response to God calling us to join you, in the community, in seeking to see God’s kingdom come in the South Shore region. Please pray that we continue to connect and enjoy a sense of belonging. The warmth of welcome so far has been wonderful - Thank you.”

Meet Adam Clewer

We are pleased to announce the calling of Pastor Adam Clewer, his wife, Sarah and children, Eden and Esther to South Shore!  Adam is coming to us from New Community Church in Southampton, UK.  

thumbnail_Family photo.jpg

Adam brings with him 15 years of leadership and ministry experience both as a Campus Pastor, Youth & Community Life Pastor and in local government.     

He is a visionary leader who is Biblically rooted and places a high value in the leading of the Holy Spirit.  He seeks to demonstrate the love of Christ to people so they can become everything God has made them to be. As an itinerant teacher and trainer, Adam partnered with the Pioneer Network of Churches on Evangelism and Church Growth in the UK.

One fun fact to know about Adam:  He is a professionally sponsored angler (an avid fisherman in layman’s terms)!  

We are blessed that God has called the Clewer family to South Shore and to New England!

We are also blessed by and grateful to the many people who have stepped forward to fill critical roles at every level in our church during this transition. We are a stronger, more united and a blessed body now because of that. 

As we begin this new chapter in the life of South Shore, and turn our focus to the future, we believe God has a big calling and great things in store for us!